QuickTap | Book your QuickTap beer machine
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Book your QuickTap beer machine

Shoort term rent


If  you are organizing an event, you may need fastest beer tap on world? We are renting our beer dispenser machines for short term rent. Currently we have 11 machines available for rent. We deliver machines to your location free of charge if within 50km from Ljubljana. We also offer free rent if you use our beer. Please use booking calendar below to book your date and get pricing info. We will contact you next working day.

Why rent Quick Tap beer dispenser?

Monster capacity – You can serve 600 liter of beer per hour with one employee.

Cooling bank – Run 1000 liters of beer without adding ice to ice-bank.
Less Workforce – You need 1 instead of 6 people.
Total control – Flow sensors are controlling that each beer has exact volume. You have total control on sales with built in counters.
100% Efficiency – With our BeerStopper technology beer tanks are totally empty without unwanted beer head (foam).
Proven reliability – We have so many references at biggest events where machined worked flawlessly.
Free trial satisfaction – We are so sure in our product that we will rent machine first day for free if you are not satisfied. (It never happened so far.)
It pays by itself – Cost of machine is paid in 3 ways. You need less workforce, 100% beer tanks capacity used, 20%-40% more sales thanks to no waiting lines.